My DNA results do show a small percentage of Native American ancestry.  This is one of two possible ancestors that I have found that may be the source of this match.


NOTE: Pekowi was the name of one of the five divisions (or bands) of the Shawnee, a Native American people, during the 18th century. The other four divisions were the Chalahgawtha, Mekoche, Kispoko, and Hathawekela. Together these divisions formed the loose confederacy that was the Shawnee tribe. All five Shawnee division names have been spelled in a great variety of ways. Variations of the name "Pekowi" are reflected in many place names in the United States, including Piqua, Pickawillany, Pickaway, and Pequea.



Unknown (Pekowi) Steinkönig

b. ? - d. ?


CAUTION: There are many stories and some actual documented information that says that Jacob married a Native American woman.  I have seen enough evidence to believe that there is probably something to this family legend, however, it is just that, a legend. I have NOT seen any solid proof, but I will post the information that I have here for others to review and decide for themselves.



Where did this legend start?
I believe that the family legend starts with Judith Stoneking Croyl.  She is believed to have been John Stoneking’s stepdaughter...


  • Judith (Stoneking) Croyle
    b. abt 1725 (PA) - d. aft. 1755
    It is said that Jacob's Indian wife had two children from another marraige that used the Stoneking name. This Judith may have been one of them./ Married Thomas Croyle in 1740 / From The Kernel of greatness: an informal bicentennial history of Bedford County...Thomas Croyle's wife was an Indian princess, by family legend whose maiden name was Judith Stoneking. The log cabin built for her is the oldest known home in Bedford County still in use, though a much larger stone section was added by later owners. The complete building was a tavern for many years. / From Shawnee Heritage, By Don Greene: 1603. Stoneking, Judith-Pekowi-Chalakatha born 1725 PA-died after 1755- daughter of stoneking/1700 & Pekowi Woman/05, wife 1740 of Thomas Coyle/20-adopted white, mother of Margaret Coyle/40, George coyle/45 & Thomas Coyle Jr/50-all ½ Pekowi-Chalakatha-Metis


NOTE: David Adam Croyle b. 1775 - d. 1835  / From RootsWeb reference number 294, ID number I00294  Bought land called Golden Grove from his stepmother, Judith Stoneking.  this is the property once owned by Thomas Croyle Jr.  David and his family lived on this land until April 1819.  He sold Golden Grove to Michael Wertz for 100 pounds (Bk K, page 600, Bedford Courthouse) He then moved his family to Pennsylvania and settled in East Franklin Township, Armstrong county along the Little Limestone Creek.  The Croyle cemetery is located near where he settled.  There was a little church with an organ.  The little church has been gone for many years.  Assume David is buried there without a marker.



NOTE: If the DOB of 1725 is correct, Judith would have been 23 years old and already married to Thomas Croyle before John Stoneking married her mother, so it seems unlikly to me that she ever would have used his name. That said, I have seen her DOB listed as 1740 & 1765 (which makes no sense if she married Thomas Croyle in 1740) on other resources. So the question becomes, when was she really born, and where did the "Pekowi" Stoneking's come from?






  • Frederick Stoneking
    b. ?

    1780 Tax & Exoneration: Antrim, Cumberland Co., PA
  • John Stoneking
    b. June 15, 1750 (Cumberland Co., PA) - d. April 10, 1813 (Bedford Co., PA)
  • Adam Stoneking
    b. between 1755-1765 (PA) - d. after 1848 (PA)

  • Samual Stoneking
    b. 1756 (Greene Co., PA) - d. 1810 (Greene Co., PA) /
    Married Unknown / Children: Samuel Stoneking (b. 1789 VA), Henry Stoneking (b. 1804 PA)
    listed on the 1800 and 1810 census as being 26-44 years old (Whiteley, Greene, PA). / on the 1820 census, Samual's household in Monongalia, VA consists of: 1 Male under 10, 1 Male 10-15, 1 Male 16-18 (Henry Stoneking b. 1804), 1 Male 16-25, (Samual Jr. b. abt. 1789), 1 Male over 45 (Samual Stoneking Sr.).
    --------------------Samuel Stoneking b. June 13, 1789 (VA) - d. abt. 1860 (McDonough, IL) / Married Elizabeth Frakes (Greene Co., PA) in 1816 / Children: George W. Stoneking (b. ?), Elizabeth Stoneking (b. ?), John G. Stoneking (b. 1817), Ellander Stoneking (b. ?), Sarah Stoneking (b. 1818), Mahala J. Stoneking (b. 1819), Jacob C. Stoneking (b. 1824 - d. 1888), Samuel Stoneking (b. 1827), Almyra Stoneking (b. 1830), Elender E. Stoneking (b. 1831 - d. 1861), Henry William Stoneking (b. 1836 - d. 1903)
    --------------------------------------------------Elmira (Almyra) Stoneking - Frakes b. abt. 1830-1835 (VA) / Married John Frakes Sept. 2, 1852 (McDonough Co., IL) / Children: George S. Frakes (b. abt. 1854 IL), Hannah E. Frakes (b. abt. 1856 (IL) Louisa J. Frakes (b. 1860 IL), Joseph W. Frakes (b. abt. 1863 IL), Barbara E. Frakes (b. abt. 1867 IL), Robert Frakes (b. abt. 1869 IL)
    --------------------Henry Stoneking b. 1804 PA - d. 1867 (Tylor Co., WV) / Married Darchas ? / West Virginia Deathes, 1853 - 1970: Henry Stoneking, son of Samuel, b. 1804, died Nov. 1, 1868, Tyler Co., WV., wife: Darchas
  • Jacob Stoneking
    b. 1765 - d. 1841






b. ?




John Steinkönig
Married in 1748 (Cumberland Co., PA)